Custom Bathroom Tiling for the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Shower Tile Installation and Full Bathroom Design

Esox Custom Tiling will create a stunning bathroom from your existing bathroom or from the ground up. A bathroom tile installation requires a set of specialized skills to be durable enough to last a lifetime. From room preparation to waterproofing, an Esox bathroom is tiled to perfection in accordance with Wisconsin state standards.

Professional Project Management

Esox brings a new standard of organization to the bathroom tiling profession – making life easier for you. With Esox, you’ll enjoy consistent communication, end-to-end project management, and a design that suits your style and budget.

Installation Guarantee

Don’t get caught out by an unlicensed contractor. Our bathroom tiling process is a complete system installed by bathroom tiling experts and provides you a lasting and leak-free bathroom from day one. In addition to product warranty, Esox offers a full warranty on the installation to give you total peace of mind.

Exceeding Expectations in Bathroom Tiling and More

We were impressed with how neat and particular Rhothmen was. He made sure things looked right and were cleaned up at the end of each day. We were impressed with how quickly he kept things moving.

We chose Esox Custom Tiling for our basement bathroom to remodel since they responded immediately and had the best insights and advice for the job. They were able to begin work almost as soon as we accepted their offer and completed our bathroom tile in just over two weeks.

The whole experience with Esox Custom Tiling was great. Our bathroom tile is the highlight of our entire basement remodel, and friends and family can’t believe how beautiful it is. We have been recommending Esox Custom Tiling to all our friends and family members who are considering tile for their home projects.

Perfect Bathroom Tiling Starts with Preparation & Materials

Getting things like underfloor heating and a beautiful new tiled bathroom is exciting. But you want to make sure you get a quality finish from professionals you can trust. The bathroom tiling specialists at Esox have many years’ experience in ensuring your bathroom is completed with reliable, proven products. They’ll help you decide on choices like tile selection, heating preferences, and whether a standard or curbless shower is your best option. No matter your decisions, we’ll ensure it’s always built to last.

A Complete Waterproofing System

Effective waterproofing is vital for tiled showers and baths to keep the entire room in good condition. Too often, poor waterproofing results in tiling failures, leaks, and costly repairs. Water escaping from a shower, bath, or sink can remain unnoticed for long periods and cause severe damage. Accurately installed waterproofing is essential behind tiled surfaces because tiling is not inherently waterproof, and failure of tiled surfaces is a common problem for the do-it-yourselfer. For a high-quality finish inside and out, our tilers use the Schluter waterproofing system, to guarantee a bonded, watertight result.

A Thorough Approach

To create a consistent, uniformed look in your tile installation, a professional tiler must be meticulous in not only preparing the space but also in applying the adhesion and grout. Using top-of-the-line products make all the difference. At Esox, we research and test everything that we use to ensure the best results. From superior adhesives with exceptional workability to high-quality grouts mixed with mold and mildew blockers. Our product choices make your results beautiful to look at and easy to maintain.

A Finishing Touch

Either framed or frameless, a gorgeous glass shower door completes the look of a stylish bathroom. It will make your bathroom look bigger and lighter and offer a much better alternative to a shower curtain. Hellenbrand Glass is a trusted source we use to ensure a beautiful finish to your new bath or shower. Only safety tempered or laminated glass is used in the manufacture allowing you many years of worry-free durability with minimal maintenance.

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